It takes time and a little money to stage a home, but homeowners will find that it pays off in several ways. Read on to learn the advantages of home staging.


  1. Increases the Likelihood of a Sale

Homeowners who put their home on the market want to sell as quickly as possible and at the highest price. Investing time and money in staging a home will help reach these two goals.


  1. Makes a Home Look Well-Maintained

No one wants to buy a home that needs repairs unless the price is greatly reduced as in a “fixer upper”. Buyers do more than look at a home’s features during a walk through. Fix what’s broken, paint, decorate, and put on some cosmetic touches.


  1. Gets Organized for Moving

It’s much easier to pack up a home that’s absent of clutter. Go ahead and do the “three boxes” technique, and keep, throw away, or store. Pack up as many personal belongings as possible so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.


  1. Helps Support the Asking Price

Although home buyers and their real estate agents rely on recent sales data to support an asking price, they are also influenced by their emotions. They will be more likely to accept the price of a home that is move-in ready.


  1. Makes a Home Seem Larger

Space is a big part of staging. Uncluttering and arranging furniture a certain way increases flow and gives the illusion of more space.


  1. Can Give Every Room One Purpose

Homeowners, who have one or two rooms used for multiple purposes such as a combination office/bedroom, should stage rooms to be one or the other. Potential buyers may be confused otherwise. In their mind, this confusion could mean the absence of one bedroom.


  1. Help Buyers Connect

De-personalized rooms help buyers visualize themselves living there happily and can increase the chance of a sale. Pack away photographs and unusual knick-knacks.


  1. Helps Rise Above the Competition

Most places have more homes than potential buyers. Staying in competition means either lowering the price or showing a nicer home. Staging gives the appearance of a better value.


  1. Gives Buyers a Better First Impression

Staging includes giving the home “curb appeal”. A freshly painted front door, clean entryway, and landscaping increase that first impression dramatically.


  1. Helps Bring in More Buyers

Word of mouth goes a long way in the real estate market. Other agents get the buzz about “must see” homes.