For years, real estate agents have been using photos to highlight the properties that they sell. While that’s worked great in the past, there’s a better option now. Combining video with images will take property listings to a new level. In fact, video can be used for even more than listings. Livestreams, testimonials, agent profiles, information and neighborhood videos can also be used to attract an audience.

Video Testimonials Of Previous Clients 

One of the best ways for a real estate agent to gain trust is by using testimonial videos of previous customers who were happy with the real estate agent’s service. When possible, an agent should ask previous customers if they’ll agree to be filmed for a video testimonial. It only has to be a minute long to be effective as a marketing tool.

Agent Profile Videos 

Another great use of video is using it to film an agent’s profile. This allows clients to get to know their agent, which creates a more personal, human relationship between both parties. This type of video can highlight previous listings that the agent has helped sell, their philosophy on selling and a little about their personal life.

Neighborhood Videos 

When individuals decide to purchase a home, they’ll also want to know more about the neighborhood where the home is located. Filming neighborhood videos is an excellent way for clients to gather more information. It should include references to local businesses, restaurants, schools and parks.

Informational Videos 

Using informational videos to attract customers is a way for a real estate agent to build trust and become an authority in their space. These type of videos can cover various topics that range from DIY projects or common home repairs to selling tips or financing tips.


Using a live stream to hold a virtual open house is an excellent way to potentially find a buyer. This type of video can showcase a neighborhood as well as a home. A real estate agent could interact with individuals who live in the area and ask them questions.

Listing Videos 

A video walk-through of every property that a real estate agent is selling should always be filmed. This gives a potential buyer detailed information that they just won’t have by only looking at images. An agent should point out specific features that make the property that they are listing unique.

It’s easy to see why video is so powerful in the real estate business. When even one or two of these type of videos are used, it will help a real estate agent stand out from others.