Services that help homeowners sell a property on their own seem like a bargain. Fees are minimal compared to realty commissions and when every dollar counts, that’s a big deal. But selling a home is a complex process and going it alone isn’t always a better value. Here are five top ways that hiring a real estate agent can help.


Finding the Right Price

Homeowners can research the selling prices of comparable properties, but real estate agents know more about the forces that drive home sales in a local market. They understand how a property’s condition and financing options affect pricing and can make recommendations that improve the chances for a quick, top-dollar sale.


Full-time Marketing

It takes more than an online listing to sell a home — it takes hard work and targeted advertising. Marketing a home is a real estate agent’s full-time job. From answering telephone inquiries to showing property, real estate agents are available to respond to interested buyers while homeowners are busy making a living. Selling agents also have established connections with buying agents, and it’s those relationships more than advertising that brings the right buyers to the door.


Tackling Negotiations

Negotiating with buyers can be uncomfortable for sellers. Homeowners have an emotional attachment to their property despite its flaws, while buyers tend to use those issues to negotiate a lower price. The result can be hurt feelings and a stalled sale. Real estate agents are emotionally neutral liaisons between the buyer and seller and can help navigate sensitive negotiations.


Pushing Pencils

Today’s home sales require extensive disclosures. One wrong move and homeowners can be on the hook legally for issues found after the sale. From creating listings and taking photographs to fill out purchase agreements, real estate agents save homeowners valuable time.


Providing Security

Real estate agents pre-screen potential buyers before bringing them to a home. They accompany buyers through the property and answer questions discreetly. For unoccupied listings, that not only saves the homeowner time, but it also offers a significant measure of security.

Selling a home without the help of an agent eliminates costly commissions, but the knowledge an experienced agent brings to the table could result in a higher selling price and fewer headaches both during and after the sale.