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Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Before Selling

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If you’re ready to list your house on the market, it’s essential to get it prepared to sell it by improving its overall condition. Most homes need minor repairs or upgrades to make it stand out and remain competitive. If you want to improve your home before selling it, there are a few easy changes to make.



Painting certain rooms of the home are one the easiest and most affordable ways to transform the setting and allow it to look contemporary. Rooms with bold and bright color shades can turn off buyers who don’t envision themselves living on the property. Opt for using neutral color shades that create a bright and airy setting, which will make the interior space appear spacious.


Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are considered to be an eyesore and can be toxic. You can dedicate one or two days to shaving down the surface to prevent the home from looking dated. Purchase a solution from your home improvement store to soften the popcorn material before it’s scraped off.


Replace the Light Fixtures

The light fixtures are one of the main features of the home that dates the property, making it necessary to replace them after 10 years. New chandeliers and fixtures are often affordable and easy to install yourself or with the help of an electrician. You can make a statement with a chandelier that is installed in the entryway, dining room, and even the laundry room.


Makeover the Cabinets

Although the cabinets may be expensive to replace, you can give them a makeover if they’re still in excellent condition. Sand down the surface and add a fresh coat of paint, which can create a neutral setting or will add a pop of color in the room. Painted cabinets are increasing in popularity and will make the room appear inviting. Installing new brass hardware will complete the look and can boost the value of the home.


Improve the Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal is essential because it will determine if buyers decide to visit the property. Add new address numbers and a mailbox to update the exterior. You can also install a porch swing with potted plants, which will add extra character to the building.


Tech In Real Estate

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Technology has rapidly immersed itself in seemingly every facet of everyday life. From at-home AI assistants to chain restaurants, technology is as omnipresent as it is unavoidable. In fact, trend-followers forecast the inclusion of technology into professions as well, including the real estate industry. The aforementioned predictors anticipate the following will have an indelible impact on the real estate industry.


In addition to being perpetually enticing, augmented and virtual reality could prove indispensable to the home buying process. As opposed to physically visiting properties, prospective buyers could receive a virtual tour at their convenience via AR. What’s more, if the home lacks luster, VR could aid in the imaginative process, allowing potential homeowners to personalize an otherwise impersonal experience.


Real estate professionals, more often than not, have to detect real estate market trends before they’ve even come to fruition. Big data and machine learning can streamline this process, making it exponentially easier to track evolving trends. Moreover, these data initiatives unveil information in an intelligible manner, so real estate professionals aren’t left scratching their heads. Using conclusive data to support claims both bolsters success and inspires confidence among clients.


At their core, real estate professionals are constant communicators. Both time-consuming and taxing, unceasing lines of communication, if not adequately tended to, can become unmitigated disasters – enter chat bots. Chat bots serve as unwavering middlemen, fielding questions and handling queries for those on the front line of correspondence. If properly utilized, chat bots could even play an integral role in the marketing process. Chat bots are consistently being asked pointed questions and specific inquiries. A business could capitalize on this information, in turn pinpointing a specific demographic while divulging sought-after information to the public.


Most real estate professionals would likely argue that time is of the essence. Any real estate agent worth their salt understands the importance of sufficiently tending to multiple clients; if only it were that easy. Real estate agent robots allow professionals to give tours from remote locations via a tablet-carrying apparatus. The showing experience virtually remains the same, with the agent guiding renters through the home without physically being there. Advantageous for both the real estate professional and the current owner, the real estate bot streamlines the showing process, in turn allowing for more prospective renters to view the home.

Building a Real Estate Dream Team

Building a Real Estate Dream Team


In any professional industry, the team that you are a part of, can shape the development of your career. For most entry-level positions, your team often pre-selected and you adapt your ability around the style of the group. Entrepreneurs and leaders have the freedom to create their own team. Such decisions come with great responsibility. In real estate, building a team comes down to finding those who are going to hone in on your strengths but also fill in the gaps when needed. Constructing that real estate “dream team” takes time, consideration, and patience.


Defining Roles


Before you even begin the interview process, it is vital to set clear standards of performance for each role. Job descriptions only give interviewees so much to go off of. During the interview process it is important that you not only lay out the duties of the job but also set up the expectations for your new team members. When forming a new team, you have full control over the tone and work ethic standards. Prior to hiring anyone, have a clear understanding of which goals and attributes are most important to you.


In addition to setting expectations, it is also important to know exactly how many people you need to hire. When starting from scratch, there isn’t necessarily clear spots to fill. Knowing and understanding the workload will help to determine how many hires you must make. It is ok to shuffle people around in the beginning, based on skills and knowledge. However, if you map out the man power needed ahead of time, you are eliminating the possibility of over-hiring.




Putting in extra hours during the hiring process will take your dream team to the next level. When it comes to the real estate industry, it is all about who you know and reputations. Throughout the interview process, references are everything. Call every reference that a candidate provides and ask all the right questions. If a person is well-known throughout the business (in a good way), they’ll provide great value to their team.


While relevant experience is important, don’t base your intake of employees on just that. Take previous jobs, volunteer work, and worldliness into consideration. People often struggle to get hired because many employers dismiss a well-rounded past and solely focus on industry-relevant experience. Building your dream team isn’t going to happen overnight. Training will be a necessary for everyone. If you can find a fast learner, with a strong personality, hire them. Often, a likable person whose company people enjoy, is a smarter hire than one with tenure.


About Tracey Rancifer

Tracey Rancifer was born and raised in West Little Rock Arkansas, a city which has been influential in the way she thinks about commercial and residential real estate. She attended Rhodes College pursuing her B.A undergraduate degree in Political Science, and then University of Little Rock, Arkansas for her Masters in Public Affairs and Administration. The breadth of her work experience involves and is not limited to working as a development executive with private entities, and in the public sphere with the municipal and federal government level. Tracey Rancifer provides her clients with a solid consultation and approach to real estate buying and selling through the “Tracey Difference”, a phrase coined to distinguish her results driven approach to buying and selling properties to her clients.

Finding an agent in Little Rock takes minimal effort. However, finding a real estate agent in Little Rock who will tailor to your best interests, and those of your family’s might take a little more work. This is where Tracey Rancifer comes in. Tracey has worked as an executive in municipal government, federal government, and as corporate development executive. With professional experience and higher education, Tracey possesses the negotiating skills, logistical tools, and academic abilities to provide superior client service from contract to close during the real estate transaction process.

Tracey Primarily Focuses in these areas:

  • Chenal Valley (West Little Rock)
  • Wellington (Villages of Wellington)
  • Central Arkansas (Maumelle)
  • The Heights/Hillcrest

Tracey Rancifer is highly involved in her community, and in various real estate associations in the area. As an Arkansas native armed with lifelong personal knowledge of the area, Tracey has extensive experience in the Little Rock metro area and integrating this experience to establishing her company has proven to be very advantageous. Currently, Tracey serves on the Arkansas Home Inspection Registration Board, American Heart Association – Go Red Committee and the Arkansas Real Estate Foundation.

In 2005, Tracey Rancifer was voted real estate agent finalist in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s “Best of the Best” Real Estate Agent Division. Considering every real estate professional in Central Arkansas was eligible to be nominated, the distinction of being named a finalist represents Tracey’s work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to her client’s objectives.
Whether you are buying or selling, find out for yourself what the “Tracey Difference” really is and it won’t take long to discover why she really is the “Best of the Best” in the Little Rock metro area.

  • “Deal of the Year” Award from the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY)
  • Named one of the three new inductees to the Ethics Committee of REBNY
  • Named to the Executive Board of New York Residential Specialists (NYRS).