Any successful professional will tell you that their network means everything to their career. Whether you’re in finance, tech, or real estate, the people you surround yourself with can make or break your long-term achievements. Having a strong professional network is especially key when it comes to the real estate industry. The support of a strong colleague group is something that will further your professional success and will also help to expand your knowledge in the field.


In real estate, reputations are the foundation of your work. A large portion of client base comes from word of mouth, especially for agents. By having a network of colleagues in all areas of the industry, you create resources for yourself to utilize down the line. As the real estate industry has many facets, a well-rounded agent will familiarize themselves with each branch of the business. Knowing someone in all areas including; development, investing, contracting, and architecture is best practice for a thriving real estate career.


Most major cities are hosts to several real estate networking events each year. Even if you are unable to attend all, showing up at one can make all the difference for your career. At these events there are some best practices to abide by;


  • Take more business cards than you hand out. You don’t know who will actually reach out so if you have the contact information, at least you can make the first means of contact.


  • Be a good listener. While professionals attend these events to meet others, most like to talk about themselves. Give them the time of day, it could go a long way.


  • Utilize your time wisely. Likely, you will run into another agent who you know, say hello and move on, you aren’t there to catch up with old friends.


  • Preparation is key. Know what you want to say and keep it simple and know who you want to say it too. Often people get lost at networking events talking to one person. Work the room and know who you want your audience to be.


If you’re in real estate you probably aren’t a shy person. This is because in our industry your personality and enthusiasm are your best marketing tools. Real estate is something that is never going out of style, so create a strong network that supports you and your goals. You can never have enough connections to get you further in your career.