The term “luxury” usually coincides with large and extravagant. When it comes to real estate trends, luxury doesn’t refer to only mansions anymore. A huge craze sweeping the nation is a fascination with tiny homes. Although they are extreme opposites, the two styles of houses have given home-buyers of all demographics a shot at affluence. Take a look at some of the most extravagant houses of all shapes and sizes.


A company in Portland, Oregon has made a name for themselves in the tiny home industry. Tiny Heirlooms became overnight sensations with their small accommodations for simple living. Their most innovative project is their work on a compact home, with the means to transform at the touch of a button. The living area has the ability to become the bedroom or the dining table through motorized additions. This tiny wonder also features a full sized bathtub, surrounded by natures beauty. Many tiny homes lack the capacity for a washing machine, but Tiny Heirlooms made it happen for this mini residence.  Though only standing at 200 square-feet, this little abode is on the market for $150,000. Check out the awesome virtual tour here!


It comes as no surprise that the most expensive and luxurious house in America resides in Southern California. In Bel Air the 38,000 square-foot mansion comes equipped with anything a person could ever need. Everything from an infinity pool to a 40 seater theater comes included with the small asking price of $250 million. Though it rests in the land of fame and fortune, this huge property remains on the market. All ages can enjoy this extravagant pad as it includes a full sized candy dispensary and some foosball tables. Long day at work? No need to worry, as there is massage room for unlimited use by the lucky owner.  Check out some photos posted by Forbes of this breathtaking house.


When it comes to living in luxury, many people have begun believing that size does not matter. Whether you’re seeking a cozy bungalow or a massive mansion, finding a home full of gadgets and leisure won’t be impossible.