In a world where social media dictates the outcome of many businesses, it’s important for your real estate business to be active on Facebook. While social media marketing does incorporate some trial and error, there are quite a few proven ways to successfully use Facebook for your real estate business. Here are a few Facebook tips for real estate success:

1) Don’t forget the “About” section

The “About” tab is far too often overlooked. This is one of the most important aspects of your Facebook page, as it is where you’ll truly get to sell your real estate business. You may think no one reads these sections, but they do. This is especially true when it comes to niche markets. If you sell a particular type of home, for example 19th century Victorian homes in San Francisco, then it’s crucial that you include this in your bio. In your bio, don’t be afraid to be real rather than taking yourself too seriously. You can and should let your personality shine through.

2) Use Photos and Video

People respond to visual aspects of your posts. Make sure to include images or videos in your posts whenever possible. Data from an online marketing company called Wishpond shows posts with photos usually receive 120 percent more engagement than those without them. Post that include photo albums receive 180 percent more engagement. One recent study said that video posts are starting to get more engagement than photo posts.

3) Use the Call To Action button

Added to Facebook in 2014, the Call To Action button is a great feature to use for capturing leads. If you add a button that says “Learn more” that links to your website, it’s easy to get more Facebook users to look at your website.

4) Take advantage of the “Similar Page Suggestions”

Any real estate agent using Facebook should utilize the “Similar Page Suggestions” option. This option allows a real estate agent’s page to be displayed as a page that Facebook users might like. If a Facebook user is following and looking at the Facebook page of another real estate agent in your area, your page may come up on that person’s screen as a suggestion. To make sure the option is turned on, follow these steps.

5) Offer Helpful Advice

One great way to gain likes or comments is to offer helpful tips to Facebook users. Perhaps you can give people tips for staging their homes for sale, or for decorating their new homes. Any pointers related to real estate can be helpful, and they can show that you have expertise in your field.

6) Use the 80/20 Rule

When it comes to Facebook posts, you want some to focus on the customer and some to be about your business. But it can be difficult to know when to post what type of content. The 80/20 Rule states that you should make 80 percent of your content customer-focused and 20 percent focused on you and your business. If you follow this formula, your page will get more engagement and interaction.

Facebook is one of the most important tools for marketing your real estate business. Don’t miss out on engagement and customers; create a Facebook page for your business and follow these helpful pointers.