So you’re interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent? Good choice! Welcome to the best industry around. Although it has its ups and downs, the excitement of helping people find their home is an indescribable feeling. Every state has their own regulations, but becoming a licensed realtor can be accomplished through these few steps.

Take an Educational Course

  • Many states require that you take a course provided by an official real estate organization. Most of these courses require 60 hours of educational information and learning about the industry. For those who may possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, you may be exempt from the course. These courses are often offered in-class as well as online.


Fingerprinting/Background Check and Apply for Exam

  • As many jobs do, becoming a Real Estate agent requires a completion of a background check to proceed with obtaining a license. Since agents frequently enter the homes of strangers without them being present, it is important that you have a clean record when wanting to become a realtor. Some states run traditional background checks, while others may require fingerprinting in order to complete an FBI clearance. Once you have completed the coursework and passed your background check you are then eligible to apply to take the exam.


Complete Exam

  • Each state has a different exam based on their laws and regulations. Most of the exams follow a similar pattern of time allowances and questions. Test takers usually have about 3 hours to complete a 150 question multiple choice exam. Most states offer exam question banks to review prior to taking the exam. Every state varies, but a passing grade typically equals 70% or higher.  


Apply for your State’s License

  • Once the exam has been completed and passed,  you are eligible to apply for a Real Estate License. There is a fee attached to applying for the license, but once it is obtained, you are officially a real estate agent! Time to get out there any help people find their home sweet home!



For more specific information about your state’s regulations, check out Kaplan’s Real Estate Education page!