Most real estate agents want customers to feel satisfied about the buy or sale of a property. Purchasing a home requires a lot of attention to detail, both on the part of the agent and the customer. Buyer have to watch out for various probable problems with a house or even land on the market. Obvious signs like poor neighborhood care, water and sewage drainage systems or even backyard space, can be very significant to buyers.

Here are some of the things to be watchful of in real estate listings

Lack of Interior photos

Imagine buying a box or suitcase for your travels without looking at the interior? According to Indiana based Realtor Deb Tomaro, “A seller should be yelling at their realtor if there are not any pictures (in the listing) and the house is show-ready.” This same rule should go to buyers. Do not buy a house without viewing the interior.

If you come across a listing without interiors, it could attest to more than one problem. This is a major warning sign for buyers and sellers alike because a listing without interiors is a cover up. It shows that an agent isn’t very good at their job, or there is something about the interior they don’t want you to know about.

A Home In Need of TLC

No not the channel, what I mean by TLC is “Tender Loving Care” a term in the real estate industry which alludes to a little something extra to get your home to where it needs to be. If you find that a listing adds “TLC” to it’s features or description, it could mean that you may have to foot some of the bill for remodeling, and who wants that.

Selling a home “As Is”

Beware of agents selling homes “As Is” this usually means that the agents or developers do not want to accrue any extra cost in repairs. Tomaro writes that “ even small fixes- such as a broken window or incomplete floor could be a deal breaker for the bank.” Unless you are a buyer willing to make extra repairs this might be the way to go.

Homes Which Have Been Vacant For A Long Time

If you are looking to buy a home which hasn’t been occupied for a very long time, it is worth it to pay attention to the detailed framework of the house. Things to be mindful of are burst pipes, leaking sewage, crumbling walls and any listing which details a house as “condition of utilities unknown.”

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