home improvement selling tracey rancifer

If you’re ready to list your house on the market, it’s essential to get it prepared to sell it by improving its overall condition. Most homes need minor repairs or upgrades to make it stand out and remain competitive. If you want to improve your home before selling it, there are a few easy changes to make.



Painting certain rooms of the home are one the easiest and most affordable ways to transform the setting and allow it to look contemporary. Rooms with bold and bright color shades can turn off buyers who don’t envision themselves living on the property. Opt for using neutral color shades that create a bright and airy setting, which will make the interior space appear spacious.


Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are considered to be an eyesore and can be toxic. You can dedicate one or two days to shaving down the surface to prevent the home from looking dated. Purchase a solution from your home improvement store to soften the popcorn material before it’s scraped off.


Replace the Light Fixtures

The light fixtures are one of the main features of the home that dates the property, making it necessary to replace them after 10 years. New chandeliers and fixtures are often affordable and easy to install yourself or with the help of an electrician. You can make a statement with a chandelier that is installed in the entryway, dining room, and even the laundry room.


Makeover the Cabinets

Although the cabinets may be expensive to replace, you can give them a makeover if they’re still in excellent condition. Sand down the surface and add a fresh coat of paint, which can create a neutral setting or will add a pop of color in the room. Painted cabinets are increasing in popularity and will make the room appear inviting. Installing new brass hardware will complete the look and can boost the value of the home.


Improve the Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal is essential because it will determine if buyers decide to visit the property. Add new address numbers and a mailbox to update the exterior. You can also install a porch swing with potted plants, which will add extra character to the building.