The saying goes that you should “dress for the job you want”. This could not be farther from the truth. In the workplace within private, government or even the art world, physical presentation matters. Having a clean and neat appearance will go a long way in every aspect of your life. Though we need not judge a book by it’s cover, addressing physical presentation to the world is highly important.

In the real estate industry, your location can also influence what you wear. Agents living in warmer climates may opt for lighter fabrics and loose fitting clothing. In the winter or fall time in areas in the northeast, agents may opt for darker colors, or heavier fabric due to the weather.

The rule is, you should always be dressed to impress. Meeting with clients, buyers or sellers, the first impression you give off should not be attached to your clothing or looking unkempt.

In this industry, the layout of the land is always subject to change. Agents will constantly find themselves climbing here or there, walking, climbing or crawling around property inspections. This is a known part of the business and you should dress carefully, safely, and appropriately for these circumstances, always considering the layout of the land.



Marie Claire Magazine offers a spread on real estate agent fashion.

The real estate industry is not bound to specific rules when it comes to dressing. Today, there are no hard and fast rules for to how to dress for success as a real estate agent. One style certainly doesn’t work for every agent, brokerage, buyer or seller. When in doubt, take the more conservative approach at the start and adapt from there especially where clients are concerned.  Clients like to see representatives who match their brands.  You must learn to tailor. Tailoring The clean, approachable, confident, adaptive you is sure to be successful in the  real estate business.

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