tracey rancifer winter

The winter months are full of family, food and good times. Temperatures may be freezing, and snow could even be on the ground. You may not think about buying a home at this time, but I have 5 powerful reasons why buying a home during winter makes perfect sense.

Motivated Sellers

Homeowners who list their homes in winter usually need to move from their property, say for job relocation, and are more willing to negotiate. Use this to your advantage to get a favorable deal.

Bargain Prices

Home prices are at an annual low in the winter months, which means buying a home now can increase your purchasing power and can get you more house for your money.

Little Competition

Fewer buyers mean less competition. Less competition means fewer chances of there being multiple offers on a single property.

Seasonal Perspective

Is the heating system functioning properly? Were there drafts coming through the windows or did you feel cold when touring the home? Considering such important factors could impact your quality of living from day to day and your wallet later.

Availability Of Professionals

Lower activity during winter months can mean more attention from your real estate agent and lenders can be more accessible for questions and assistance.