5 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

With new companies popping up every day, entrepreneurs need to find a way to rise in their market. Nobody hears about the thousands of startups that fail every day, but people do hear about the guy who came from nothing or the girl who defied all the odds on her way to the top. Yes we all know that successful entrepreneurs work hard, but there comes a time in the life of a startup that working hard may not get the job done. There are a few more traits that all successful entrepreneurs have in common that separate them from the competition.


I believe the most important quality that every entrepreneur possesses is undying passion for their product or service. This type of passion is what separates someone who thinks they have a good idea from someone who knows they have a good idea, whether it has been validated by anyone or not. It’s the type of passion that people wear as a badge of honor day in and day out. They can’t stop talking about what they’re passionate about, and it comes through in their work. They will work tirelessly to perfect this product, because they know it will work and they won’t stop until it does.

Desire to Learn

One of the most common mistakes that young entrepreneurs make is thinking that they know more than they actually do. The ability to learn is important, but actually wanting to learn and striving to discover new information is a trait that will propel you above your competitors. By having the desire to learn you have the chance to constantly improve your product and bring new ideas to the market.

Open Mindedness

I am a firm believe that a closed mind is a wasted mind. In the world of business, a closed mind leads to a failed company. The ability to take criticism, good or bad, and use to to improve your product is one of the most difficult parts of entrepreneurship. Advice can come from the most unlikely sources. If you close your mind to the people you think won’t be any help to you, you may be missing out on a breakthrough stemming from what you thought was a meaningless conversation.

Ability to Network

Networking events tend to get a bad rap, but they are essential for entrepreneurs. By being able to network, you can create a book of business for yourself just by shaking a few hands and making smalltalk. Don’t be afraid to crash and burn through awkward conversations on your way to meeting your next client.


The business world is constantly growing and changing, and it’s not going to wait for you to make a decision. Successful entrepreneurs make informed decisions quickly and do not waste time dwelling on the possibilities of their actions. If they made a wrong move, they can adapt and right the ship before it goes down.

The life of an entrepreneur is not a glamorous one, and it surely isn’t easy. Nobody sees the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building a successful business. By honing the above traits, you will be well on your way to the top of the business world.